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The ability to search for multiple tags in one search

I’d really like to see the ability to search for posts that contain two (or more) tags. This would helpful for finding more specific content and cutting down on tag bloat. For example if you were trying to find posts about the doctor from star trek voyager just searching for #the doctor would work because you’d turn up tons of doctor who posts, so it would be useful to be able search for posts tagged as #the doctor and #star trek at the same time.

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Bumping this because this is a very important feature. As the website grows, this will become increasingly a problem that needs addressing. It helps a lot to be able to refine your search. Like, say, you wanna see furry art, but then you wanna hone in on searching for specific furry art (like say, you're looking for kangaroos, or commission postings for furry art).

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Adding some additional layers to this request: the ability to specify AND or OR for multitag searches (so you can, for example, see results from the #ffxiv and #final fantasy xiv tags in one search), as well as the ability to save specific tag searches so you don't have to enter them every time. (Could make it a free feature to be able to save x advanced tag search presets, and a Cohost Plus thing to be able to save y more?)

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Adding to this: Is it feasible to exclude tags from an individual search?

Like if you search "#reptiles #lizards -#geckos", you'd want to be shown all posts that are tagged with both "reptiles" and "lizards", minus any that are tagged "geckos".

Sometimes I don't necessarily want to like, block or mute a tag outright, but for the purposes of individual searches maybe I'm trying to find something specific and I want to narrow down what I'm searching for by some particular parameters.

Having a "posts including tag x" and a "posts excluding tag y" field would probably also accomplish the same idea? I've seen this kind of search capability on forums before and it's really nice for being able to find precise information, especially in older posts.

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