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Ability to sort followed pages into topic lists

It would be very nice if there was an option to sort the pages you follow into topic-based lists, like what twitter allows you to do (music, tech, comics, etc.) - perhaps chosters could also pre-define categories for their pages.

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i think that while our solutions are different but you have the same problem as i do when i made this post:

the problem being wanting to organize pages into topic based feeds.

It's possible that Jae's bookmark feed will solve that issue to an extent, but not entirely.

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this please!! i would also love to be able to sort my bookmarked tags into multiple lists. i recently made a side page just for following my closest friends and most important bookmarks and things that i want to catch up on every day, but it took a while to copy over the follows i wanted, and it takes ongoing effort to remember to switch back to my main page when i want to reblog smth or leave a comment. i'm not bothering to switch pages just to leave likes, which is fine for my friends' posts, but if someone new posts in a rare fandom tag i want to like that post from my main blog, not my empty secondary blog, in case they might enjoy my posts too!

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