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Ability to mute notifications for a single post you've made

i like being notified on when people like and repost my posts. however, occasionally i make a post that gets so big that it seems like anyone and everyone is liking and reposting it. i would like to propose a feature that would allow you to mute notifications on any one of your own posts so you can use your notifications panel in peace without having to worry if the notification egg is either talking about that neat post you just made or that post you made a month ago that is still getting notes for some reason.

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This is my #1 most desired feature of any feature for any website I am ever on. Without this feature any social media platform becomes unusable once you are sufficiently popular.

boosting this one, popular chosters seem to be having a hard time with notifications. also better notifications in general would be good

I've found silencing my own posts works kinda well for this? it removes it from your TL (arguable if that's useful or not) alongside hiding all notifications (this ask). It does rob you of the ability to respond to comments, though

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