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comprehensive tag filtering in search

The ability to search for tags like, for example "#petpics *with* #cats *or* #dogs *without* #bugs" Similar to how search engines allow for specificity. Alternatively, a (drastically less comprehensive) mimicry of AO3 search filters. This would probably relate to being able to search multiple tags at once, and to blacklist certain tags, both of which would be great. But sometimes you just want to see a specific thing without having to formally blacklist something, so even if blacklisting was available it would still be a little inconvenient. This is especially a concern I've noticed in nsfw spaces, where much of the content is drawn art, and it can be very difficult to find irl content unless it's tagged very specifically.

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searching for multiple tags at once feels to me like such a basic feature that i was surprised to learn that it's not possible yet. specifically, i had the idea of using certain tag combinations to categorize my own posts, and then searched for those tags together to find those posts again — for example, the tag i use for my longer posts about anime + the one i use for a specific series == all the longer posts about that series.

it'd surely be a nice feature to have in general, though... and searching multiple tags would introduce the need to blacklist tags from searches as well, so, yeah, i think this would all be good.

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Seconding this! I've had the exact same problem with NSFW tag searching specifically, but I think this would be useful in general.

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Searching for multiple tags would be soooo useful... esp cause there are multiple of similar tags.

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Love this idea, especially being able to search with multiple tags selected at once.

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