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Tag bookmark grouping/lists

This is a bit of an odd one - but since a lot of tags overlap, it'd be cool to be able to see posts from multiple tag bookmarks at the same time. This could be the ability to create lists of tags with their own feed, or maybe just a filtering feature on the eventual tagged bookmark feed? (Lists would be easier for users, since you wouldn't have to filter for multiple tags each time you wanted to look at a group of them.)

This would be helpful, for example, for grouping #webdev, #web dev, and #web development into one feed. Or #STAR WARS, #Andor, and #Andor spoilers. Or going wild and grouping #JavaScript and #HTML and #static website generators! :D

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as a librarian I appreciate this because it addresses the chronic issues of folksonomies (the library science term for tagging)

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This would be amazing. Tumblr only just recently added a chronological feed for all followed tags, with the ability to toggle each one on and off individually, and it's completely changed the game for me. I'd love to have the same functionality on cohost.

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Search operators (#tag1 AND #tag2 OR #tag3 NOT #tag4), and the ability to bookmark (and even nickname!) a particular tag search, would make the search way more functional. This would be particularly nice given the lack of full-text search. 

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i dont know if i should suggest it as an addition to this or if it should be its own feature request, but expanding the bookmarked tags feed view to a sorta twitter-style Lists feature where you can just have different Sets of tags to follow (+ filtering other tags out from showing up) would make your feed soooo much easier to curate, especially if you were able to add/filter user pages into the mix too, maybe even the upcoming webrings feature too. 

sometimes you just dont wanna Actively Follow folks, but just see a few specific flavors of their posts, like cool photos only, no blog posts or whatever

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Seconding the Sets idea, it would be nice to be able to look at all of my followed tags minus the global feed without having to manually follow and unfollow the global feed every time I wanted to look at them, for instance.

Adding my support, I would also love tag group feeds!

I mentioned Tumblr's tag feed in my comment a year ago, but possibly a better comparison is reddit's old "multireddits" feature (which I believe no longer exists). Multireddits could also be made public and shareable, so other people could follow it and as you added/removed subreddits from the feed it would update for everyone following it as well.
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