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Compact menu in mobile browser

Hi hi! Is this thing on? :)

I'm very excited about Cohost and its founding ethics; I'm going to try to be more present, post more, and get more involved here.

One thing I've noticed tho … I set up a shortcut in my mobile browser to help me remember to check the site more often during the day, but when I connect to the Cohost web page -- no matter what page I'm on -- all I see is the expanded menu (see below) and have to scroll down to see any actual information on the page.

It'd be cool if there was some kind of more compact menu for viewing on mobile … whether a smaller toolbar or a hamburger menu, maybe with a notifications button visible on it. Just a thought!

Of course a Cohost app would be even cooler, but I'm sure you guys have limited development resouces. :)  Keep up the great work!

(373 KB)

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yeah!  @blep wrote a userscript to make the menu a smaller horizontal topnav on narrow screens (, and with their permission we're planning to steal the idea.

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is there any chance that could also fix the issue of not being able to open notifications/settings n such while on user pages? 

+1 on this, collapsible menu on mobile (or similar) would be great

Do I spy an update on the mobile site today??? ❤️❤️❤️

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