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Embedded mp4 videos in posts

Apologies if it's already been requested but I couldn't find a topic about it. The ‹video› tag (or more specifically the ‹source› tag inside it) seems to be stripped on cohost so I can't embed videos directly.

My primary art form for posts is making short videos, 10-20 seconds long, which would be unsuitable for gifs due to filesize and color depth. I don't want to upload them to youtube though since that has lots of problems with compression and general bloat (linking to unrelated videos after it ends, and such). I've been getting around this with chiframes linking to an mp4 directly, but it's a hack with many flaws and I'd prefer an official solution!

If you added official iframe support then it'd knock this problem out too, but I know that's a big can of worms! I'm just wondering if there could be some kind of video embeds in the meantime, even if it's just allowing to link to offsite mp4's at the top of a post.

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Seconding a need for the <video> tag! I also tried to rely on iframely embeds but they don't allow arbitrary origins, you've gotta get sites approved, so I have no way to include a video in a post I guess. I've got no need for cohost hosting the video currently.

I think the main concern for this would be filehosting- once videos are introduced, numbers start to get out of hand

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