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Option to show CW'd posts by default

This feature request is being duplicated from the comments of another thread because I think it deserves its own top-level FR. 

I would prefer to have posts with content warnings expanded by default. I find clicking through every post with a CW annoying, but I also obviously don't want to (and can't reasonably) add every single possible CW to the whitelist.

I imagine that selecting this option would hide the "show me posts with these content warnings without clicking through" list and replace it with a list of terms that should be hidden under a CW (in the way CWs currently work).

This should be an opt-in preference.

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I suggest this could be made even more robust by adding tags to it. The “filtered content settings” could look something like this:


Choose how you want to handle posts with content warnings:
( ) BLUR content with warnings by default
( ) SHOW content with warnings by default

never show me posts with these content warnings and/or tags:
[ . . . . . . . . ]

always blur posts with these content warnings and/or tags:
[ . . . . . . . . ]

always show me posts with these content warnings and/or tags without clicking through:
[ . . . . . . . . ] 


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YES PLEASE! I have only very few CW's I'd like to hide, but at the moment it's so annoying having to click "show me" to almost every post I come across. And whitelisting everything is impossible, I would have to add a new whitelist sentence every couple seconds because people are trying to be as thorough,  precise and descriptive as they can [since it's not possible to blacklist tags or words contained anywhere within a post.]

I am seeing a lot of these words/sentences  added for a variety of Content Warnings. Whitelisting every variation would be so tedious.

"implied / suggested / cartoon / light / heavy / hard / real / semi / very / written / not extreme tho / sort of / between X and X / "

And even joke-y CWs

The "Tag blacklist/mute" request could allow CWs to instead use big encompassing words, with more details or a little description in the tags. But this feature alone doesn't solve the problem.

I really think the suggestion by Greg Lindsey is the perfect way to implement this.

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Came here to also submit this feature request, glad to see it already here. I also love Greg's setting suggestion!

This would help me a lot. As you can imagine, a lot  of the posts from people I follow are CW'd. I literally never don't want to un-CW them, and it makes scrolling through a page of images take 10x longer than it needs to.

Yes absolutely - I'd much prefer the option to have a blacklist of content I want hidden, rather than a whitelist of content I want to see! And I think it's reasonable to have both options available.

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