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Option to lock / make post unsharable.

It would be nice if there were an option to prevent the ability to share a post if the original poster toggles such. Not unlike how we're currently able to lock comments on posts.

 I don't think it's too big of a priority with the current site, but sometimes on twitter I'd see folks on public accounts make the request that others not retweet a thread, because they were venting and didn't want it to have traction, maybe it was a work in progress, or it was a personal thing, etc.

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whoops, we forgot to update this thread when we planned to take it on and then when we implemented it, but we did both of those things.  locking!

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 meant to tack on support for this like weeks ago but!! this feature would matter a lot to me for a lot of reasons, mainly right now the fact that it'd lessen how many notifs i get on some posts by not allowing them to spread if i don't want them to without having to delete them

I ran into this issue with a post of mine. A request up top not to rehost it didn't really work - it just takes one person not noticing and innocently rehosting. Being able to move posts into drafts helps control this, but sometimes people (me) will want to keep a post visible on their page for a reason, despite not wanting it to be shared.

YES PLEASE. This would be especially helpful for accounts that don't want to be private, but also don't want their posts being shared beyond their circle, like NSFW accounts.

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I agree. Tumblr recently implemented this feature and it has been a GODSEND for eliminating negative discourse when your post "escapes containment", aka goes viral and gets noticed by people who want to hurt you. On tumblr you can now go to a post after you've made it and after it's already been reblogged and edit it so it's no longer rebloggable, thus stopping it from spreading. I absolutely love this feature. 

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