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Scheduling Posts to post later at a certain date/time

 The "Post Now" button implies a "Post Later". Being able to save as a draft, and then schedule a date/time to post that draft later would be nice. Consistency is nice for your followers, afterall, so you can be a 6PM Person, even if I'm not actually available at 6PM.

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I'm running a serial fiction story that takes place in 'real' time, so scheduling posts would be super helpful!

Hope something like this will be implemented soon. Would be nice to space out a lot of posts at regular intervals rather than all at once.

A Tumblr-style queue would be a great feature. 

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I'd also like the ability to queue up a few posts so that I can focus on generating content instead of having to hand-hold my delivery systems.

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YES this would make posting my art backlog (and running a fan blog) so much easier

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Same please! I’d like to start reposting some comic strips and it’d be nice to queue up a bench of them at regular intervals.

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yesssssss I think this would go really well with the 'cohosting' part of cohost- it's another feature that will help people set up Curated Pages With Purposes instead of just A Blog, ykwim

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