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Remove The Ability To Enable Logged-Out Anonymous Asks

 I feel like this opens up a huge opportunity for block-evaders and harassers to avoid blocking / banning, and go to other peoples inboxes to spread stuff. For example the person targeted has their logged-out Asks disabled, they can still be targeted in the inboxes of others who DON't have it disabled, and cant be blocked / reported from there.

We have no plans of removing logged-out asks as an option at this time. We'll continue to evaluate as time goes on.

Is the argument in favor of logged-out anon asks really that good that it's worth risking block-evasion and harassment? I get it, in theory it helps with stuff like ask blogs, AMAs, and other big 'come here and ask me questions'-type events since you're removing the barrier of making an account, but at the end of the day, accounts are free to make and are approved within only a few days, and Cohost users are discouraged from playing the numbers game anyway, so getting less attention in those well-meaning cases seems like a very fair sacrifice for the sake of security. I really hope you do mean you're actively evaluating this choice and that isn't just a cop-out.

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