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Hijacking the 'Right-Click copy' / download function to include source

So reddit has this really interesting system of adding a little "posted in r/whatever" to the bottom of an image when you save the image to your phone while browsing.  I think this is a potentially valuable idea!

Many people share art these days by directly downloading an image they like, and then posting the image to discord or wherever they hang out.  This is a workaround for friends who don't have a Cohost, or just a simple way to have an image on hand for a longer time.

I've always had issue with the lack of credit the artist receives from this download and paste approach, but if Reddit can attach a little footer to images you download I'm curious if it's possible to hook a little credit footer to images copied / downloaded from cohost! 

If it's possible to attach a non-invasive footer to an image downloaded this way I would think all it needs to say is "posted by @username on cohost" or something like that and it will feel a little less scummy to share art this way!

I'll attach an example of the footer that reddit attaches (one that doesn't include much credit I might add).

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