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Requiring a minimum account age for asks

I would like to have the option of only allowing asks from accounts that were registered at least X days ago (e.g. accounts that are at least two weeks old).

Big streaming sites have similar filters for who can send messages in your stream chat. In my experience, these filter do a great job of disincentivizing people from creating new accounts just to immediately harass someone with them.

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I think this is probably the easiest way to nip this issue in the bud quickly.  Ideally we would also be able setup filters on keywords to keep out usernames and messages (or at least flag them) to try and trim back on hate speech and such.  But that is a big ask.

This would at least stop the issue of folks creating multiple accounts in quick succession to harass folks.

From the title I had assume this meant "the age of the user" and would also agree to that, but I don't think cohost profiles actually track that stuff haha. 

Regardless it is a good idea. Prevents a lot of bad faith asks/harassment from happening.

Ideally the amount of time should be determined by the individual user, I feel. Maybe it's overkill, but I could see some people being ok with 1 week old accounts and others being like "no, I only want asks from people who have been around for at least 4 weeks if not longer."

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