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Tag input in post editor not resetting properly after adding a tag

 Hi. If you type a tag in the post editor and accept it, the empty space where it should now say "#add tags" will have the text of the tag you just added instead. If you type your next tag into it, it will eat the first letter you type to reset to "#add tags" and then type normally.

27 people have this problem

This also happens on the tag muffling interface. Happening in Firefox for me.

i can confirm i've also been having this issue the last few days

This has been happening to me on mobile+desktop Firefox as well, I would say roughly since "can't edit CWs on posts" was fixed.

I would imagine yeah, the fix for that is what most likely upset this

coming here to say same thing has been happening to me, also on firefox

i'm also having this problem. i'm using chrome if it helps

happens to me in mobile chrome and desktop firefox

Happens in Firefox for Android (115.0.1 (Build #2015960411)) and Chrome on Linux (...I can get the version later when I'm at my desktop if needed).

This looks like it's been fixed so I'm going to mark my own issue as resolved.

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