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Long comment threads become unreadable as replies are indented

The community guidelines discussion has lead to long comment threads under certain posts, something I can only assume will be more common as more users join the platform. Since each successive reply indents the next comment more, after 10 or so successive replies, text becomes so squished against the right margin of the comment box it's completely unreadable and results in visual glitches with parts of the ui. Shorter threads are legible but become uncomfortable once the page is forced to start cutting off words onto the next line. Im not sure how big an issue this is in practice, since most comment threads aren't that long, but with the increase in users it seems like it'll start popping up more. I'm not positive what the ideal fix for this would be, but a few possibilities include
  • Changing the indent level of replies
  • Making the comment box below a post wider
  • Add a horizontal scrollbar to the bottom of the comment box
  • Break off really long comment threads into their own page?

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this problem is extra egregious on mobile, comments get pretty unreadable only a handful of indents in. and in safari at least, the longest comment threads also force the page wider to accommodate them, which allows the rest of the content on the page to be wider than the screen, which makes it a pain to read even just the original post bc i have to scroll back and forth each line.

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> Break off really long comment threads into their own page?

If i understand the suggestion correctly, i think this is what reddit does:

* the max nested comments is 8 and for the 9th and above there is a link to a page that has the 8th, a link to the parent conversation and all their comments below.

Currently on mobile, cohost seems to only behave more or less ok until the 3rd, then all hell breaks loose and you need to zoom out to see the whole text. To fit 8 nested comment reddit:
* tightens the indentation between a parent comment and the nested comment
* adds vertical lines in place of spaces for indentation, to make it easier to follow the hierarchy of nested comments

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