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[STICKY] How to report a bug

we love feedback at cohost. your bug reports directly help us make cohost a better place to post and interact; writing a good bug report helps us fix them quicker.

here's how to make your bug report as helpful as possible, for us and for other users:

  • check if your bug has already been posted. duplicate bugs may be deleted or folded into the most active thread for a given bug to improve thread visibility.

  • be descriptive. please outline the steps that you took to reproduce the bug. if we can't reproduce the bug, we can't fix it!

  • be specific and concise. describe your problem as clearly and concisely as you can, and include your device information if possible. this helps us and other users! if your report contains any information or screenshots you don't want to be public, feel free to send it to

  • weigh in if you've had the same bug as someone else! however, try to add constructive comments; "having the same issue on Firefox 106 on my MacBook" is infinitely more helpful than "same here."

thank you for your feedback and thanks for using cohost!

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