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Shouldn't clicking on your profile take you to your profile?

There's something really strange cohost does that I'm not quite sure whether it's an intended feature or something that's just broken.

When you click on your profile on the top right, you'd assume that it'd take you to your profile page. But it doesn't. It just reloads the current page you're on.

I think it does this bc if you, say, clicked on another account that's signed in, it'd switch to that? but because I only have one account, all it seems to do is just refresh.

Currently the only way you can access your profile is by clicking the "Profile" button on the home page.

This feels a bit cumbersome. 
I think they should make it so when you click on your username it takes you to your profile page. Or at least have the profile button next to your username instead.

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I am having this issue as well

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