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Share notifications sometimes lead to the wrong page

I noticed this when I decided to go through the times my posts had been shared to see if there were tags added to any of the shares to judge whether or not tags on shares were reflected in the notification page.

Case in point: this photo of my cat which received a few shares. The link "**your post**" for the first share after expanding goes to the correct place. However, the second goes to a post about ratings bumpers by the person, which I had commented on, and the third goes to a share of a car photo I myself had shared with a comment. In both cases this corresponds with the most recent notification involving the user in question, barring a like. All other links to shares by these same users lead to the exact same two pages.

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IMPORTANT NOTE since I can't edit OP: when the share is by itself, rather than collapsed within a "several pages shared" thing, the link goes to the correct place. I had discovered that but I worded the post wrong.

oh hey it's the bug I just typed up! lol

So this is still happening, and I agree, it seems to be reusing links from more recent notifications, not including likes. If multiple posts were shared by the same user, the links all go to the most recent post shared by that user. I did see one where it linked to a post by that user which I had commented on and gotten a reply from a third user. 

still happening, i'm experiencing this also. i don't know if it's relevant data but the user involved rechosted the same photo of my cat twice, and also rechosted a second unrelated post. all three "your post" links go to one of the two photo-of-my-cat posts, the one which would be the most recent notification from that user. another user who rechosted the same two posts in the same time period but didn't double-dip has their notifications linked correctly.

I noticed something similar -- went to check through some shares in my notifs, and every "(user) has shared your post" link tied to that user leads to the last thing they shared from my page, even if the notif is for an earlier post.

still happens for me too. chrome on pc.

This happened for me. I'm running cohost as an 'app' in chrome on a pixel six. I also made this diagram to illustrate the specific issue I was having.
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