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Enable (optional, probably) notifications on content-free shares

 I like sharing posts without additional commentary because it feels more substantive than just liking, and I can't always come up with anything to add so it's nice to just act as a curator of sorts. The thing is, there's effectively no feedback on these shares: beyond noticing that somebody I'm mutually following later shares a post from my share, I can't tell whether what I'm sharing is appreciated by the people following me. It might be nice to recieve notifications for likes/shares on shared posts that go through the share. 

Then again, I think the main complaint with the notification system right now is that people have too many notifications, so this should probably be optional.

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I strongly agree. I think sharing good posts, especially from relatively unknown accounts who may not have many followers yet, is one of the most prosocial things you can do on Cohost. In the absence of an algorithmic timeline, organic shares (especially from tag browsing) are one of the best ways for new users to build an audience—especially for artists who rely on an audience to have an income. Seeing that people appreciated your share feels nice, and it's a low-key way to incentivize this valuable curatorial behavior.

(Also sometimes when people share with commentary tags I leave a like as much for the tags as for the post, and I want the sharer to be able to see that like.)

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yeah, notifications for when people like or reblog stuff you reblogged (and didn't add any reply / content / commentary to) are a needed feature imo. an optional toggle is fine, but dropping likes on things my mutuals reblog is a useful form of internet body language and one of the main ways i stay in touch with mutuals on other sites, and there's currently no really non-intrusive way to do that here. also applies to friends.

and as mentioned it's a good way to remind people that i enjoy their presence and to let each other see where our tastes and interests connect, and it's a good way to incentivize sharing and curation, making people who aren't just the "post creators" feel welcome. i meet a lot of cool people on tumblr and twitter because they reblog things i like. as an artist myself it also helps make me feel like i'm not just networking with other artists or racking up notes on what i produced, but that people are also interested in the things and ideas i'm interested in. makes the place feel lively.

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