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Likes for comments

I'd like the ability to "like" comments, in order to let someone know that I appreciate their comment without having to make a comment of my own. I envision this as behaving similarly to likes on posts, in that it would be invisible to everyone but the liker and the commenter. 

I could also see some sort of public-facing +1 or upvote system, which would have the added benefit of reducing the number of replies that are just "+1" or otherwise just expressions of agreement. However, I would not want this to become a full Reddit-style voting/ranking system.

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I think having likes work on comments exactly the way they work on posts (they already aren't publicly visible, which it sounds like some folks don't realize) would be simple & effective.

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maybe an opt-in system

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Something l've seen on birdsite from time to time is people stating "likes are acknowledgements"; aka, "if l liked your post that means l read & appreciate it". (and that's how l use it, too!) Some kind of neutral "seen" or "acknowledge" action would primarily be useful for letting people that respond to you know you've seen their post, while "like" / "agree" are also useful for other people who drop by and want to let the commenter know what they think. Likes/etc might also help prevent the (afaik) nearly universally hated useless response like 'came here to say this!' that takes up space but adds nothing. In essence, you could have multiple different buttons, or only allow "seen" on posts of people replying to you, or go for full chaos and let people react to posts with any emoji as discord does.

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Being able to see who liked my comment or my post, but not who else liked whoever else's post would be nice, whereas I definitely wouldn't want a public facing upvote/downvote system. I actually rather **LIKE** the comments that are just "+1".

There's an effect I observe on places like Facebook and Twitter which is that when poeple like something they just click the little heart, and when people dislike something, they post a comment.  You almost NEVER see posts like "I agree with this" or "Seconding that middle paragraph" or whatever on other sites and I see it all the time on Cohost. I don't view it as a negative, I view it as a feature.

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If this gets implemented, I'd like the ability to hide the like count on my own comments, but still see notifications if someone likes one of my comments.
I definitely don't want to see like counts for comments made by other people.
One of the things that makes Cohost healthier for me is knowing as few numbers as possible.

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