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Unable to upload pictures

Attempting to upload a picture onto a post causes it to hang while uploading the picture. Posts without pictures have no problems. I have tried this on both an Android phone and a Windows PC so I do not think it is a bug with my account.

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this hadn't happened to me in months until today, right now I'm getting this problem trying to upload 4 images (about 500kb each). it's happening on mobile chrome and desktop Firefox
any fixes for this? I've compressed my file down to below 500kb and its still not uploading. Text posts seem to upload fine, just not images

this seems to be broken again even for very small files

We're aware of an issue with one of our providers and they are working on fixing it!

still down, unfortunately. we're doing what we can on our side and are going to investigate alternatives to our current provider to resolve the issue.

I feel like this is an extension of this bug or a result of the fix, so I don't think I should make a separate topic: currently gif previews are not showing up. Gifs will still loop if you click play, but on pause will show a broken link.


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