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Read More displays overlapping text

While on mobile (iPhone) long texts posts with a Read More display the text that should be below the fold, overlapping tags and comments link (see images). It often (inconsistently) creates a problem where I can't scroll down past the post. Once I select Read More, everything is fine. This happens both on Safari (logged in) and on Chrome (not logged in). This started yesterday and happens both in my drafts and on other's posts in my feed. It does not happen on older posts. Older long posts both on my profile and on tags that are more than ~2 days old load perfectly fine.

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Update: I noticed it only happens when the Read More is automatically applied. If I manually add one in, it's acts normally. Also, I can't see the files I tried to upload? So uh attaching them here again just in case

 same prob ios safari

having this problem on duckduckgo as well!

I also have this problem on iOS safari

Same problem on iOS safari as mentioned. I've found that it is possible to scroll the page itself if you scroll by swiping your finger from the area at the top of the screen between your profile picture and the cohost logo. This way it is possible to scroll past a post with an autogenerated read more without getting stuck scrolling the post itself.

Hi all, updating my phone (to 17.2 iOS) fixed this problem actually. Hopefully that works for you too! 

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 thanks for the tip - I'll give that a try!

that worked for me! (also fwiw my phone can’t take 17.x upgrades so I just updated it to 15.8 but that still fixed the issue)
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