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you can send empty asks + there is no rate limit on sending asks

 i can literally spam hundreds of asks at once with an autoclicker



9 people have this problem

oh yeah this is really not good. honestly i've been worried about the application of asks for a while, especially because there seems to be no way to block anonymous asks. it kind of seems like the ideal breeding grounds for someone to go wild on giving someone a hard time

Bumping this because I didn't realize this had already been reported, but it's definitely still a problem.  Particularly because you can do it without even being a user if the person has not-logged-in anon asks on.

Really surprised there's been no response after all this time, this seems like a major issue. Don't exactly want to try and confirm, so I hope it's just been quietly fixed/that's in progress...

@Cat W I can't say anything about whether it's in progress, but I can say for sure that it is not currently fixed.

This appears to have been fixed today.


There's still no rate limit, so it's half fixed.

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