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After clicking the "next page" button on a profile, clicking anywhere resets it to the previous page

 Title is a mouthful, here's a step-by-step repro:

  • Go to any cohost page with multiple pages of posts, e.g.
  • Click the "next page" button at the bottom
  • Click anywhere on the page
  • The page resets to the previous page of posts
This happens if you click the "previous page" button as well, but the outcome is not reversed, it still specifically decrements the page on click. For example:
  • You are on page=3
  • You click the "previous page" button, taking you to page=2
  • You click anywhere on the page, causing it to go to page=1

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I neglected to check whether this was due to a browser extension, and it turns  out it is. Sorry! This appears to be a bug with CHUtils on Firefox.

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