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clicking outside the main site column does not close the lightbox on the timeline

 took me for ever to figure out what was going on with this beyond just a vague sense that "closing the lightbox feels janky" but then i saw it happen to someone else and it made me sit down and figure out whats actually going on. so like clicking anywhere outside the image to close the lightbox and return to the post below it works as expected, *except* when on the main timeline, where it *stops* working in the marginal blank space to the left of the menu and the right of the cohost corner. what happens to me is i click there, it doesnt work, then without thinking i click the back button because "if its not the kind of lightbox you close by clicking on the screen, it must be the kind you close with the back button," then i lose my place. clicking in that blank space to close the post compose modal works, too, its just the image lightbox. im on firefox in wayland gnome on ubuntu but i saw it happen in chrome on windows too

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oh you know what, it actually doesnt work on there on like a page or a single post too, like the furthest left and right margins at max width

no, at *any* width! its even worse in the narrower views because the image fills almost the whole column, so i usually fail to navigate away by clicking to the left or right of it 

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