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Broken avatars (after recent image upload downtime?)

Certain pages have had broken avatars recently.

My best guess is that this started during the recent image upload downtime.

I have been able to reproduce on multiple devices (Android, Windows 10) and multiple browsers (Firefox, Microsoft Edge).
Logging in and out did not solve the problem.
I don't believe I've ever logged in on Microsoft Edge, so nothing should have been cached locally.

I don't believe my partner has seen this problem on their account, at least not for the same pages.

Opening one of the broken images in a new tab gives a response body containing only the text "Source image is unreachable".

If I open one of these pages in a private window in Firefox the avatar loads just fine, so maybe it's something to do with my account.

It looks like it may be related to settings like click-to-play gifs. I'm seeing that avatars and headers coming from `` are unreachable while `` are fine.

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