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Images Won't Embed Via Link

Recently, as in today, a half an hour ago at least, I attempted to post two images. I went about this like I normally would, saving the images to a draft and then copying the image link. I checked the preview and it was perfectly normal, the images showed up, but then when I actually posted the post, the images weren't there. I immediately checked to see if I had gotten the formatting wrong but no, it was entirely correct. So to sum it up, I can upload images just fine but I cannot embed images through the use of image links.

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I am also having this issue. Two pages of mine are affected differently, despite both using images similarly (they are both bots that use the same CSS formatting): - affected - unaffected

There was one extra unaffected post in @kimbot, but I tried re-editing it and that made it stop working. Looking at the source code in these pages, the img tag seems to be stripped entirely on display - but the img tags are still present in the "edit post" page even after posting. 

The images are still present in "preview".

An example draft is here - the code snippet in code tags is repeated immediately afterwards in the post, but the img tag does not survive in the rendered post. (it does appear in "preview")

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I've also verified that it affects all forms of image embedding:
* Simple links
* <IMG> tags
* ![]() embeds

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I appear to be having this issue as well. Looking back through my profile, this appears to be acting both a post I tried to compose just now:

And also this much older post that used to function but now is also failing to load the source image:

However, other older posts compose using this general approach appears to be working:

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Happening to me. All posts in except the oldest should be full of gifs - instead it's a random mix where some posts have them and some don't.

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have verified this is happening to me as well, for <img> tags, and ![]() embeds, though iframely previews of an image url seem to work okay. happens for both on-site and offsite images; i've seen this both with my own posts where images are hosted on Cohost, as well as on @ditherpod which links images from the NASA APOD website. 

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