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Blocked & Blocking Users Shouldn't Be Allowed To Comment / Have Comments Removed

 If the OP blocks a user, currently the blocked user's comments stay up. Even if the OP can not still see them, and they might assume the comments are removed, the comments stay up.
Blocking someone should remove all their comments from your posts, or at least hide them to all other users.

Inversely, you can block someone, but still comment on their posts. This can create a scenario where someone blocks an OP and then targets them in their own comment section, without the OP even noticing.
If you block someone you shouldnt be able to comment on their posts anymore.

I feel both these issues could be a potential angle of attack to be abused by harrassers etc.

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Not a bug, moved to feature requests.

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Seconding this - far too open to abuse. Blocked users shouldn't be allowed to leave hate comments that are invisible to OP.

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 Yeah, users definitely need to be allowed to moderate the comment sections on their own posts. The "hide" and "report" options should stay visible, even if the comment's contents aren't.

I'm a little bit confused to see this marked as a feature request. I don't really care, as long as it get fixed, but is the implication that this is the intended behavior?

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Hiding and reporting aren't sufficient. In order to sufficiently moderate our own comments section, we need to be able to remove comments made on our posts completely, and blocked users should not even be able to access our posts at all.

Why is there a "hide" option at all? Why are people we block and report for harassment still allowed to freely leave comments -- comments that we don't know about so they can freely continue to slander us?

Hate to double-post, but I couldn't see a way to edit my post to add something.

What we really need is symmetry.

Silence a user = you see no trace of them on the site.

Block a user = they see no trace of you on the site.

That would allow these features to work the way they are intended to, and the way a user would expect them to. Right now there actually isn't a way to block a user, since the block function simply doesn't work properly.

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