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Option for bookmarked tags in "following"-like view

The following page is fantastic and has made it a lot easier to keep up my occasional-poster follows from being drowned out by more active users. I would love to have the option for that same kind of organization on the "bookmarked tags" view.

Similar to users I follow, some of my bookmarks are for topics that get posted about a LOT while others much more sporadically, and it would be nice to have a way to at-a-glance see when those rarer ones have recent posts without having separately click in to each one every time I browse my bookmarked tags just in case there's something new on a tag that might have weeks or months between posts.

The ultimate version of this would be a combined with controls to toggle between followed users, bookmarked tags, or both at once.

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This would be a pretty big technical undertaking, but I like the idea!

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