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discovery page + similar tags

I absolutely understand not wanting an algorithm type system like other social medias, but it may be important for people to find other pages and find posts! so i came up with a couple ideas for discoverability. the main idea is to have a system of recommending posts based on interest, but giving the user complete control over what they see, and determining for themselves what their interests are. this way the recommendation system wouldn't give people what it thinks they want to see, but rather what they manually selected they want to see

discovery feed:

the discovery feed would be the main place people discover new tags, pages, and posts, that they otherwise wouldnt have seen.

it would show random posts, giving more weight to followed pages and bookmarked tags

it could also recommend "similar" tags, which would be tags that commonly appear on posts next to tags that the user has already bookmarked, or tags commonly used by pages the user follows. (similar tags could also be viewed when searching for a tag, or when hovering the mouse over a tag)

the discovery feed could also give more weight to posts with more comments, likes, and reposts.

all of these things that modify the weight of a post in the system would be filterable options for the user. if they want to ignore popularity of posts, get rid of random posts outside of their selected tags or similar tags, they can!

this way people can have the ability to find new pages, tags, and posts, while still having complete control over what they see.

instead of an algorithm that recommends what it wants users to see and what will get them to use the app the most time, it will recommend what the user themself decides they like.

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