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Support forum "Popular" view only shows recently updated threads

I am unsure if this is intended behaviour, but for example in the Feature Requests forum, selecting "Popular" does not show the most liked/voted of all requested features - only ones that have had a reply in (approximately) the last three months. This means that posts that have been popular but haven't had much discussion recently will not be shown.

For example, I was looking at this post, which has 29 likes, but whose last reply was 7 months ago. As a result this post is not visible at all on the "Popular" view of the forum despite having as many likes as posts on page 2.

If this is intended behaviour (for highlighting threads with discussion as well as votes), it would be good to make this clearer to the user somewhere so that we all know to reply as well as vote on requested features that we want to be made more visible.
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