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alt text makes image disappear when using copy/paste

 hello! recently i was trying to add an image and upload alt text to it.  however, when i copy and pasted the alt text the image disappeared and became text

1. i copied the image from another tab

2. i pasted it into cohost's post editor, went fine

3. i copied the alt text from another tab

4. i pasted the alt text into the alt text space, image disappears and gets replaced with text

here is what it looked like:



i am using fully-updated firefox on windows 10. thank you!

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i've had this problem too! sometimes writing and word or two before pasting the text helps, sometimes not. the most reliable way i've gotten it to work is to post the image or save it as a draft, then go in and edit it and add the description then

firefox desktop on windows 11 here, for context

pasting into the description box causes it to get parsed by the page behind -- you can see this by pasting an image while the description box is up.  

Doing this with  text on firefox seems to have the "clipboard paste object" or whatever get interpreted as an image -- you can see the text you paste in the thumbnail.

...of course, now that I'm writing the bug report, I can't reproduce the behavior.

i took a video, if that helps. i'm also on windows 11 with firefox. maybe i could try to do it again on a different browser?

Oh hey, same problem here!

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