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swapping your active user/page will lose content in most editboxes


1. open up two tabs

2. open up the post composer (or the comment box, or the ask box), and then type out a really long and detailed message professing your love for eggbug

3. go to tab two and switch your active page, causing a page refresh

4. go back to tab one

observed behavior:

The page itself refreshes, and the edit box is cleared, losing your nice message.

expected behavior:

Any solution that preserves the content of the edit box would be appropriate. either suppress the refresh with a "are you sure about that" dialog, or persist the contents so it it's still there after refresh.

This also happens if you use the page selector while writing a comment on the same tab. This repro is not possible for asks and post, because they are modal.

And yes, this has actually happened to me. multiple times ;~;

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