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Restrict links to "mutuals"

Would be nice if, in addition to "people who follow me" and "people I follow," we could have an additional option to restrict link visibility to mutuals, i.e. people I follow who follow me back. That way people could add links to Discord handles etc.

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I'm not sure I entirely understand the use case here. Wouldn't setting the info to "people I follow" be functionally the same thing? If you set it to mutual, someone could follow you, grab the info, and un-follow you. there's no functional state of "follows each other" that would change the actual outcome of information sharing in a meaningful way.

That's fair. I think the "follows each other" thing would just help differentiate between "I'm following this person because they're a friend" vs "I'm following this person who's famous." Of course the chance of some random celebrity or popular poster scrolling my page for links is unlikely, but having the extra barrier would feel a little safer, if that makes sense?

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@kara: Then what's the point of the already existing "visible to pages following you" option? I don't want anyone I'm following to get my discord tag if they happen to look at my page, but I do want my mutuals to have it. I have a lot fewer mutuals than I have people I'm following. It's a higher barrier of entry. The difference is only one click of the following button, but given that there's no visual indicator that there's information exclusively available to mutuals, I'm happy with that obscurity.

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