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Unable to upload pictures

Attempting to upload a picture onto a post causes it to hang while uploading the picture. Posts without pictures have no problems. I have tried this on both an Android phone and a Windows PC so I do not think it is a bug with my account.

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It seems to be related to specific files, I can get some images to upload and some cause the same hanging error. Filesize, maybe? The smallest have no issues, once I go above 2MB it hangs. All PNGs in my testing.

I'm not able to upload images or audio, seemingly. Tried both on desktop and mobile, with both Firefox and Chrome. I haven't tried uploading smaller files though

I'm also having failed image uploads - two JPGs < 2 MB both failed to upload, converting to PNG made them bigger (8 MB + 4 MB) and still failed to upload. 

small PNGs are working fine for me, large ones hanging when both dragging into the post box and pasting from clipboard having a prolonged "starting" dialog and then hang on uploading.

oh bonus; trying to save as draft instead of post creates a post in drafts with an"invalid attachment"

I did some testing. Attachments under about 500 KB work. Attachments over 500 KB get stuck on "Uploading..." forever.

I uploaded images with sizes up to 458 KB here - - but a 519 KB image failed.

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Having the same issue in Firefox on Windows.

Network console says it's a CORS allow origin problem 

The line is a POST to that returns 503 Service Unavailable

Also been experiencing this all day both from mobile and desktop firefox.

i also encountered this, 2.4ish MB PNG wouldn't upload from Firefox Android or Firefox iOS. it did the "invalid attachment" thing as a draft for me too

 Thank you to arborelia! The <500kb suggestion it what fixed the issue for me :)

I'm having this issue as well - my image is 679Kb - but I have cohost+ so should be able to upload this picture. 

This bug got to me. Left multiple posts to load on both cellphone and computer for about 1 hour and none of them did. Good to know images under 500kb can load, but if it says we can load images under 5mb we should be able to post any image under 5mb. I found a 1,88mb image in a post so this doesn't happen to every user.

I hate to go all Business Analyst here but As A Cohost User, if there's an error uploading an image, the interface should tell me rather than sitting there stuck on the "Uploading..." message as happens with this bug.

Having just tried to upload a 2.2Mb file in firefox I got a 503 error from but I've just tried editing the draft and the image has successfully uploaded.
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