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Comments from locked/private pages comments cannot be read

If your post receives a comment from a locked account that you aren't following, you cannot read the comment, or see the comment, or even find out who it was from. The only clue that it exists is that the number of comments on the post shows higher than the number of comments you can see.

This is probably just a mild annoyance for the recipient of such a comment, but seems like it would be extremely frustrating for someone using a locked account.

Ideally, all comments on a post should probably be visible to the creator of the post?

2 people have this problem

This is intentional and a wontfix. If a locked account comments mistakenly, you won't be allowed to see their comment. The comment count updating to show a comment that you can see is annoying, but a harder fix than it might seem. 

The only time you can see the contents of a locked account is if you follow that account. Locked accounts will either need to consider this or unlock if they wish to be seen by anyone.

"If a locked account comments mistakenly, you won't be allowed to see their comment. " I don't get the assumption that any time a private account would comment on a post of a user they don't follow that it must be an accident. I find myself wanting to do that constantly. And I'm pretty sure if a private account makes an Ask then that goes through properly, so I don't get why comments have to work differently despite being very similar situations

Bumping this again because I stumbled upon it and assumed it was just an unfortunate oversight. 

If a private account mistakenly makes a comment, I don't see why it should be treated differently from any other accidental comment, especially because comments can easily be deleted.
Additionally, I would much prefer to have the ability to leave public comments from a private account, and I'm sure others would too. As Spunney mentioned, asks from private accounts are publicly viewable, so it would make sense if comments followed the same logic.

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