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Cohost deletes posts in progress when it goes down!

when cohost experiences one of its 503 fits it can completely wipe the screen and delete everything in it, including a post you are actively typing in!

this is extremely frustrating!

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hi kara,

i was frustrated and perhaps i did not explain the issue properly

it is happening because the client code (browser-side) code is checking for a response from the server and then replacing the inner contents of the `<div id="app">` element

instead the javascript needs to check the server response and only perform the replacement if it receives a 200 http status code plus the contents of the evaluated payload must be valid and not empty

i do not know the ins and outs of the Cohost frontend in particular, but i have enough experience using websites to know that this is not normal behavior, plus a long career in web development

this is orthogonal to the server-side issues, i understand that completely - while i have done my share of frontend work, my primary expertise is backend architecture (services, queuing systems, databases, etc)

if there is anything i can do to help with either, please let me know!

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Hey qim,

there isn't a lot we can do to fix this, unfortunately. We're doing all we can to reduce downtime and the impact of said downtime, but some things are a bit out of our control. If you're working on a large post, we highly highly highly suggest writing it in a word processor of your choosing so you can save your progress.

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