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Put post title in browser tab title

 I have this unreasonably large number of browser tabs open and a lot of them are Cohost. The titles of these tabs being "cohost! - post from @example" is better than nothing because it at least gives some indication of what the post is, but it's far from ideal and makes finding specific posts in my tabs or browser history nearly impossible. Especially because blank shares get the name of the sharer, not the original poster, and their url slugs only have the word "empty" instead of the first couple of words from the title.

Putting the title of the post or just the first few words (like what shows up after "your post" in notifications) in the tab title would make differentiating between different open Cohost tabs and finding them again a lot easier.

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Okay I've just realised it actually does do this, it's just that blank shares get the "post from @sharer" instead of the tab title. Blank shares are a significant fraction of all posts, so I didn't realise that was what caused it. My actual feature request suggestion then is to have blank shares inherit the post title in the tab from the post being shared.

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