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buddy list

feature concept, designed for people who are friends, on cohost or beyond it. you can add other users to your buddy list, with two effects:

  • they are visually highlighted in your notifications, either with an indicator around their avatar, or a decoalesced notification with an indicator. (possible extension: their posts are highlighted in your dashboard, and their account is highlighted in the Following feed; no other change in post ordering or filtering.)
  • when a reciprocal mutual-buddies relationship exists, both receive notifications when the other likes a repost.

there should be no indication of a one-way relationship, since the only effect of a one-way relationship is to visually highlight them among others; that way, it would be impossible to bother others with it, the way a more traditional "friend request" might. a reciprocal relationship would be shown by the second effect.

justification: this would allow one to more easily spot friends' reactions to one's posts if implemented in its basic form, and to spot friend's posts among others one follows.

the secondary mutual effect would return a dimension to cohost that is missing from it, compared to Twitter, *as something that now requires a mutual opt-in:* sharing a post and seeing a friend like it and thinking "yeah, I thought you'd like that" or "oh damn, you like that, neat." requiring reciprocality for this would maintain the site's basic UI concept of "a like is private between you and the original poster" while allowing two friends to agree to an exception for fun.

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this is a great idea, I love this!

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I would also say it would be nice to have a separate section in "following" for buddies so you can more easily access their blogs (in case you forget what their username is/how to spell it/etc)

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