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iframely embeds collapse when offscreen, causing scrolling issues

 This happens consistently on iOS Safari. I'm pretty sure I've encountered it in firefox on windows too, but I can't get a reliable repro

Posts with one or more twitter embeds seem to be the easiest repro, since they usually become very tall once they manage to load

Basically what happens is:
- I scroll past a post that has a tall embed, like a twitter link

- The embed loads, expands itself as needed, and pushes the rest of the cohost feed downward

- I continue scrolling down

- The embed goes offscreen and unloads itself, becoming much shorter

- The cohost feed teleports upwards

- I scroll back up to try to find the text I was reading

- The embed loads back in and shoves it downwards offscreen again lol

NOTE: I suspect this may be the cause of [these]( [bugs](, or at least closely related. I've seen it interact with the Read More system in pretty weird ways

since embeds take several seconds to load due to Musk Fuckery, you can sort of watch them break the page in real time. Posts with 3+ twitter links start out short, and then when the embeds pop in they become tall, so the Read More link suddenly gets added dynamically. Clicking the Read More and scrolling down unleashes chaos, as the upper embeds start unloading and changing the length of the post WHILE the Read More block is expanded

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