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Read More not staying open on Desktop

This might be a dupe of:

But that one seems to be more mobile focused.

"Read More" has recently been behaving inconsistently. No overlapping text, but many times clicking "Read More" will open and then quickly collapse again after scrolling.

My current theory is this is that this is affecting "hide middle of long threads by default?" posts more than the ones that have manually added line breaks for "read more".

Cleared cookies. Forced refreshed. Win/Chrome.

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I think I narrowed down how to reproduce this.

Long posts with iframely and non-manually created "read more" line break.

My current workaround will be to add a manual "read more" or move the iframely URLs out.

i was just coming to report this, i've noticed it a few times over past weeks, if an automatically added read more collapse would expand to reveal an embedded thing thru iframely, the post will collapse again shortly affter expanding it with the read more button. presumably  this has something to do with the post's height changing as a result of the loading of the embeds, causing it to try and auto-collapse  the post for getting longer?

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 I already put in a ticket about this but here's an example of another post that was previously working and broke recently, embeds and auto readmore not working.

For what it's worth I think it's specifically when iframely loads in the embed and changes the shape of the box, maybe? that causes it to snap back on. No idea why. I'm not a web dev. Hope this information is useful to yall.

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