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Audio title/artist doesn't save after uploading four images

I was attempting to make a post with four images and a sound clip, forgetting that I'd need to remove an image to make room for the audio. After uploading four images, I removed one and uploaded the audio clip.

When switching between the compose and preview windows, the audio artist and title information would get deleted. I didn't remember this ever being an issue before, but I figured it wouldn't be a problem. However, upon uploading the post, the artist/title information I'd entered was not saved, and in its place was the audio filename.

This seems to be reproducible by simply uploading four images, removing one image, and uploading an audio clip in its place. I was using four .PNGs and a .WAV originally, but testing with other file formats yields the same result.

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I think I may have posted this prematurely. I'm encountering the same error having only uploaded three images. Not entirely sure what the cause is anymore. It seems like the only reliable way to have the title/artist information save is to upload the audio file before the images?

Okay sorry to keep doing this but I've just encountered another issue here. After uploading the audio file first, adding the title/artist info, and then uploading the images, I can't seem to edit the alt text for the images. Typing into the alt text window shows nothing, but the description button changes from "add description" to "edit description" so it seems like it's saving something. 

I wanted to see what got saved so I attempted to save the post as a draft but I ended up with four invalid attachments.

I have a similar problem. I have an audio post with no images at all that I forgot to put title and artist information on ( and every time I edit the post to try to add them, it doesn't save them properly, and they don't show up on the post afterwards.

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