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Feed missing loads of posts, 2nd page blank with no back arrow

 My feed appears to be full of holes currently. At present, it only goes back 5 hours, showing only 9 posts made by 4 distinct people I'm following. When I hit the button at the bottom to go to the next page, cohost returns this screen:


Older posts are not accessible without fiddling with the URL, and it works very imperfectly with only adding 1 post every several pages.

Meanwhile, if I head over to my following list (thank god for the new features there,) I can see that 11 users have posted in the past day. Some of these users I almost never see post at all, yet checking their profiles, I can see they don't post as infrequently as cohost gave the impression they did.

I've checked the profiles for muting / silence, and none are. I've checked the tags for their posts and not seen anything that would be filtered in my settings. I've had this problem before and seem to have erroneously associated it with behavior for mute filters. That being said, I have no idea what's wrong with my feed.

Any help appreciated...

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No help with this? This has happened once before. I'd really like if the site wasn't giving me birdsite algo feels at random intervals.

This is still happening. Feed has like 4 posts, next page is vacant.

I don't know if it is the same cause, but ONE of my pages on the same account has a post gap from one of the followed accounts going from 1 day ago to 25 days ago, even though that poster and lots of other pages being followed have posted in that time period, and those posts in fact show up in the "bookmarked tags" view. It is the particular main timeline dashboard view that is broken in that way. My other page on the same account doesn't have that problem (but is following different pages).

I didn't miss the more/back arrow because it seems to immediately go to an older post and the back arrows work for me, but I have had intermittent issues where some of my pages history of liked posts will randomly miss the arrow to load even older likes.

I also had something similar happen; my dashboard lost around 3 months of posts, but I don't remember if the back arrow was missing from the second page. 3 days ago I was using the progressive web app of cohost and noticed I somehow reached the end of the first page before seeing an old post (my way of knowing if I've seen all new posts), so I clicked on the next arrow button to look at the second page. It wasn't blank, but the posts on that page were dated 3 months ago even though I definitely saw posts dated between that. I tried to go back to my dashboard page again to see if it got fixed, but those 3 month old posts ended up there along with the 1st page posts I saw before. Pictures attached show my dashboard gap and a user I follow who has made a post that is dated 4 days ago and isn't showing up in my feed.

 I've also been having this issue with my feed. If I hit the Next Page button, after a certain point (around three or four pages) it stops loading new posts and just starts repeating them, only with fewer and fewer posts, until they run out entirely and I get a "no more posts" message. Usually I can only go back a couple of days' worth of posts at most before this happens, and some people I follow whom I KNOW posted in that time don't show up for me. The Following page is great for letting me see the stuff I missed, but I would also like to see them in my main Home timeline as well.

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