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Sample rate of audio with which player is initialized affects all instances of the audio player until reload

(In Android Chrome 119.0.6045.163) I just posted this: The second embedded audio file is an 8 kHz .wav (first one is 44.1 kHz) If you go to my profile (convenience), the post immediately before this one contains a 320 kbps .mp3 If you play the 8 kHz .wav first, the playback quality of the 44.1 kHz .wav AND the .mp3 in the other post will be reduced! If you play either other file and then the 8 kHz .wav, you will hear crackling. Reloading (USUALLY?) fixes it for at least the active tab, and sometimes? other tabs. TIME TO UPLOAD SOME .WAVS AT EVEN LOWER SAMPLE RATES

oh ew, new lines don't work here and I can't seem to edit the OP. well. fwiw, from playing around more initializing with 4 kHz renders all audio players silent, and 2 kHz or lower just won't play at all in Android Chrome. guessing some confusion about reloading was caused by having or not having scrolled down far enough to load certain posts at certain times?
seems this isn't cohost-specific! these just got approved on freesound, and the same thing is happening with their player: so is it a limitation of Android Chrome itself? something unaccounted for over on freesound *as well*? something to do with my own device? (OnePlus Nord N20 5G, version info screenshot attached)
this doesn't happen for me in Android Firefox on either cohost or freesound (but, perhaps predictably, still happens in Brave)
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