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Document explaining the intended use of the tagging/discovery system

 I have seen numerous people lamenting that the discovery system on this website is inadequate, and several users and members of staff in turn lamenting that the site would work better if only people would tag the right way. But there is no "Welcome To cohost"-style readme or introduction page that actually explains how the user-driven tagging system is intended to work, or how best to use it to maximize discoverability. It is obviously not simply a matter of leaving users to their own devices and expecting the userbase to spontaneously reach consensus on the most common-sense answer. I think writing up a short guide that actually defines staff's goals as they pertain to the site's posting culture would go a long way towards helping resolve this. I can't reasonably be expected to know what cohost's definition of a healthy tagging culture is if nobody ever defines it, especially if there are no plans to curate official tags.

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Would really appreciate this, the "post whatever you want in literally any tag" kinda kills the site for me sometimes...

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