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Some issues with pages after the recent bugfix

When going to someone's page, it first loads, then The end result is that you have to page back two times to get back to the previous page. A minor annoyance, but I think related to this other bug.There's no way to go more than one page at a time, so previously the way to go back 50 pages was to just change the url to username?page=50. It will load the requested page, and then immediately load page 0 after similar to the above. Only tested in Firefox 115 ESR

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I'm constantly getting hit with this, if I leave a previous page of someone's blog open in the background it's liable to end up back on page 0 when I come back to it.  Or if I'm on a previous page and reblog something, once it redirects me back to the blog I was viewing I get zooped back to page 0.

was about to post my own bug report when i realized it's mentioned in this one as the 2nd you mentioned! would love a fix to the page redirect issue, here's the c/p of what i was about to post:

"I noticed a few weeks back that I can no longer navigate to old pages on my profile via manually typing the page number in the url (i.e. changing to, or /username?page=50#), and that it gets there for a second before redirecting page to page 0!

I know this bug started occurring sometime not too long before patch notes vol. 80, where I noted that the second bugfix bullet point reported a fix to what appeared to be a similar issue. I'm on Windows & desktop Firefox, unsure if this problem persists on mobile browsers.

I used this method regularly to find my own old (often untagged) posts, and now I can't do so unless I waste a lot of time manually clicking "next page" one by one a bunch of times (which shows no redirect issue)! I'd love to know if other desktop users are having this issue, and vote this report if you do! :)"

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