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If I find a post in my feed that someone else has shared with an addition, I would like to be able to click on a button on that post to see all of the additions on that post. For example, if someone made a post like: "Reply to this post with a photograph you're proud of" - I'd like to be able to see everyone's photographs, rather than just the one on my feed. Essentially, equivalent to tumblr's ability to show all reblogs on a post, or Cohost's current ability to show all comments on a post.

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I think that something like this has been proposed before. I recall many people supported it, but with a caveat that when a user shares a post with an addition, they would be able to choose whether or not it would appear in the shares list publicly. Of course, if you're saying that this would just be visible to the original poster, that wouldn't be necessary.

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