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View added tags in notification center on shared posts

I'd like to be able to view the tags added to posts of mine from the notifications tab. 

I really liked using this on Tumblr via Xkit before they officially implemented it later. Its a bit  cumbersome having to open a post in a new tab every time it gets shared to see if anyone tagged it with something new, especially on mobile where I primarily use Cohost. I like seeing the comments people leave and I think a remnant of tumblr online culture is delegating 'less important' comments to tags instead of, ex. the contents of a reblog, and those comments are still important to me.

Apologies if a similar suggestion has been posted before.

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 Was about to suggest this! It takes way too much time to check every individual share but sometimes people leave really nice tags on my posts and it would be great to be able to see them along with the "shared" notification.

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