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Reverse-chronological sort for Tags on a user's page

 There's a style of content available on Tumblr and web forums based around liveblogging, in which users chronicle their experience with games and other media over an extended period of time. If I come to the media in question after their liveblog has concluded, I can certainly access their content by tag, but to start from the beginning, I need the reverse-chronological sorting order. (If there is a way to do this that I have overlooked, please let me know.)

(This is similar to, but slightly distinct from, requests like the following:
I felt it most constructive to begin a new topic.)

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This would be a fantastic feature for anyone wanting to post something in a serialized format, such as a comic they post page-by-page. Allowing that comic’s tag to be viewed chronologically would be an elegant way to make this style of publishing more feasible.

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