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Scrolling issue when opening posts in new tab via comments link

When I open a post in a new tab via the comments link (for clarity, by either right-clicking or long clicking on “# comment(s)” to “open link in new tab”), the post doesn’t always start at the top of the comments; sometimes it loads in the middle of comments (usually on desktop), and sometimes it opens on the footer (usually on mobile), forcing me to scroll up to read comments from the start/at all. I use Firefox for both desktop (Windows) and mobile (iOS), and this problem occurs sometimes on desktop and constantly on mobile. I just tested this with about a dozen posts on both my devices to compare. On desktop, only one post was scrolled partly down the comments, and it had a deleted comment in it. On mobile, the same posts *all* opened scrolled down to the site footer. I don’t remember when this started (or possibly if it’s always been like this), but I would guess at least a couple weeks?
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